San Francisco Homeless Resource

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San Francisco Homeless Resource

Juristic2 Juristic2 5 October

Sharam Kohan

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Awesomeness2020 Awesomeness2020 22 November 2020


life is hard i know but we will get through this together no matter what write in comments if your with me!

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Rahulkr22 Rahulkr22 23 January 2020

Irfcl ipo date details


IRFCL are the dedicated market borrowing arm of the Indian Railways. Our primary business is financing the acquisition of rolling stock assets, which includes both powered and unpowered vehicles.

For example locomotives, coaches, wagons, trucks, flats, electric multiple units, containers, cranes, trollies of all kinds and other items of rolling stock components as enumerated in the Standard Lease Agreement leasing of railway infrastructure assets and national projects of the Government of India and lending to other entities under the Ministry of Railways, Government of India.

IRFCL Support Indian Railway (Irfcl ipo) INDIAN RAILWAY FINANCE CORPORATION LIMITED (IRFCL) are responsible for raising the finance necessary for such ac…

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Carolinedc Carolinedc 6 July 2012

Upcoming Below Market Rate Opportunity

Dear SOMA Community,

Rincon Green: 333 Harrison is an upcoming below market rate opportunity in the South of Market. The Developer building this project is Emerald Fund and the BMR (below market rate) program is under the Mayor's Office on Housing. Also, there will be a lottery process for this project.Please see the income criteria below.

49 Below Market Rate Units Available
Minimum Monthly Income
29 Studios
18 One Bedrooms
2 Two Bedrooms

30% AMI

2012 Maximum Annual Allowable Income Level of Applicants

A one person household can make no more than $23,310 A two person household can make no more than $26,640 A three person household can make no more than $29,970 A four person household can make no…

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Sheltered Sheltered 26 July 2010

Next Door Shelter Wants my Blankie

A couple of months ago I came to Next Door for the first time. Being new to shelter life there have certainly been hiccups but I have unemployment, which helps, and I try to get out of the facility each day and look for a new job so I can continue my life. One of the first things I did when I got there was to get my own blanket. The linen they provide is filthy, scratchy and often urine-stained. Recently, they announced that clients are not allowed to have their own linen. They are going to attempt to take away what little home-like comfort we have. Property that we have purchased with our own money. There are no fans and the windows are sealed, so when it’s hot we suffer. We are only given 2 paper thin, dirty, dingy sheets and a blanket t…

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JohnJoebee JohnJoebee 25 March 2010

Truth Justice and The American Way

Being born in the Fifties makes me a Baby Boomer.We boomers were weaned on Television Shows on a Black and White Television.Roy Rogers,Superman,Ozzie and Harriet,The Lone Ranger and The Tonight Show all told Americans how to act.This was a Time of Prosperity and Patriotism and Middle class America was as strong as ever.The wealth was distributed as evenly as it ever was in History.Americans hit the road in their big cars and Freeways were connecting every major city.America was a fine oiled machine run by grateful happy Americans.after all we just defeated the Nazis and Japan and liberated the whole world.America was starting to reach it's tenacles out more than ever and that would go unchecked for a generation,that was OK though after all…

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JohnJoebee JohnJoebee 7 March 2010

The Unknown Homeless People

The Unknown Homeless people,they see them every day on the way to their office.They choose to Ignore them or even worse complain and say "When is the City going to do something"or "When are them bums going to get a job".That is easier than helping .My answer is THIS:The issue is Larger than the cities resources and without significant resources from the private sector there is never going to be change .Then I will remind you that some of the baby boomers you see on the street now have worked in their life and payed FICA and Income Taxes.There may be some folks who are chronically homeless still ,they have been in the streets sometimes for over TEN years and They no doubt are rough and a challenge but some of them WILL participate if REAL s…

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JohnJoebee JohnJoebee 5 March 2010

Human Trafficking an American Disgrace.

I find myself in China town in the wee hours of the morning now and then,usually when it is warm.I came upon a sight that I will never forget.I was waliking down Waverly when I came upon a Young Asian girl in a Restaurant Alcove picking on the ground.She was taking breaks from ground picking to hit the pipe,the usual crackhead behavior.I was dismayed and then upset.I asked this one old gentleman what's up and got a very candid answer,"she is a whore"and that was upsetting.He was around my age and of the OLD TIMERS mindset straight out of China and he was apathetic to the bone.I wanted to do something,anything! was helpless and besides I have My own issues,but that is not the end of it.I may have walked away that night but I have not walked…

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JohnJoebee JohnJoebee 2 March 2010

American Pie The Day Dignity Died

I am a Bab

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