San Francisco Homeless Resource

The following are various e-mail lists that include discussion groups and information only groups.

SFHomeless Yahoo Group[]

- founded and administered by San Francisco's homeless
- open to all
- very active, up to 50 e-mails a week
- SFHomeless_Yahoo!_Group wiki page
- Join through Yahoo Groups

San Francisco Homeless Service Provider Network[]

- founded and administered by the SFHSPN
- SFHSPN holds monthly meetings, and e-mails are usually involving meeting preparation, but members also use the group for announcements and discussion of issues
- averages less than 10 e-mails per month
- open to known service providers; anyone unknown must come to a monthly meeting to identify self, and then permission to join will be given
- Join through Yahoo Groups or by contacting administrator

Human Services Agency Shelter and Resource Center information distribution[]

- administered by Briana Wirrom
- to join should be an employee of a shelter or resource center, or other stakeholder; contact Briana for more information

Coalition on Homelessness[]

- the COH maintains several e-mail distribution lists for multiple purposes; contact COH for more information on joining

Supportive Housing Network[]

- administered by SHN which holds monthly meetings on issues relating to SROs.
- Supportive Housing Network wiki page
- to join, send an e-mail to and write Subscribe in the subject line; your e-mail address will be taken from the e-mail and added to the distribution list

Center for Political Education[]

- sponsors events of all kinds, including homeless issues
- to join contact

Homeless Service Provider Employment Opportunities, Antonio's List[]

- administered by Antonio Trink, this is the definitive listing of employment for service providers; send openings to Antonio, or get on the list if you want to receive postings
- contact

-note: this list may only be for jobs that are through agencies that contract with the City of San Francisco, like DPH or HSA contracts. Non-contracted agencies may not be able to have Antonio forward their job openings. (This policy is being clarified. Job listings are also forwarded through the SFHSPN group above (Antonio's and non-Antonio's), so you should belong to both if you really want employment opportunities.)

Local Homeless Coordinating Board[]

- the LHCB sends out agendas and meeting announcements, as well as other announcements and information pertinent to homeless issues
- contact LHCB staff person Alison Schlageter to be added, e-mail

Shelter Monitoring Committee[]

- the SMC sends out agendas and meeting announcements, as well as other announcements and information pertinent to homeless issues
- contact SMC staff person Bernice Casey to be added, e-mail

Homeless Village Yahoo Group[]

- founded and managed by members of the San Francisco homeless community
- this group aims to be the most current on events affecting homeless, including SRO meetings
- the focus will be San Francisco, but we'll talk about other places as well.
- Join through Homeless Village Yahoo Group