San Francisco Homeless Resource
Golden Eagle Hotel
Address 402 Broadway, San Francisco, CA
Phone 415-781-6859
Contact(s) Owner/Manager: Bruce Sandifer or Mario
Summary See article

402 Broadway (@ Montgomery)


Owner/Manager: Bruce Sandifer or Mario

Units: 118

Rent: $208.-230+ tax per week (depending on tiny sized room or normal sized room) (update, 5-18-19)

(added $ per person if more than 1)

Daily: One Person -- $61 and up ( Limited number of daily rooms at $47..00 and up)

(updated 5/18/2019)

Popular North Beach area, within walking distance to favorite eating, shopping, and night spots.

Clean, affordable, well managed. 24 hour front desk.

$10 key deposit

Shared Bathrooms and Showers. Two showers, three toilets per floor. Three floors have bathtubs.
Basic soda and snack vending machines.

Must come in person to apply.

Accessible by Muni buses 8X, 10, 12, within one block; routes 30, 41, 45 within two

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Golden Eagle Hotel - MM 402 Broadway (at Montgomery) 415-781-6859

Requires key deposit.