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This portal will be a place for people to look for the answers to basic questions in helping the homeless. These links will take you to a page dedicated to answering that question. Experts and other people in the know are encouraged, begged, to contribute their knowledge to these answer pages to share with the community. I know that many advocates out there answer the same questions every day, and now we can build a place where people can be directed to look first. So please contribute a little now in order to save yourself and others in the long run.

To add more questions, please use the Add Resource on the main page, or e-mail Thanks.


How Do You Get Into a Shelter?

How Do You Get Into Supportive Housing?

How Do You Get Housing When You're a Crime Victim? How do I get housing for me and my wife and dog.


How Do You Get Medical Benefits?
How Do You Get Someone Urgent Medical care?


How Do You Get On SSI?

How Do You Get Veteran's Benefits?

How Do You Get Payee Services and What Are They?

How Do You ... ?'s new Portal for answering basic questions for how to help the homeless!

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How do you get into a shelter? How do you get benefits? How do you get into supportive housing?

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