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San Francisco Department of Human Services - Public Benefit Programs
Address 146 Leavenworth Street (between Golden Gate and Turk, in the basement of Hospitality House, please ring doorbell), San Francisco, CA 94102
Phone 415-923-9085
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1235 Mission St., Bt. 8th and 9th Sts. (P.O. Box 7988, 94120) - (CAAP)

1440 Harrison, Bt. 10th and 11th Sts. (P.O. Box 7988, 94120)-(Medi-Cal)

415-558-1000 (CAAP)

M-F: 9am-5pm

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Listed below are programs administered by the San Francisco Department of Human Services.

County Adult Assistance Programs (CAAP)[]

Provides short-term financial assistance and social services to needy residents who are not eligible for help from other public assistance programs.

The General Assistance Program has been reorganized under the County Adult Assistance Programs (CAAP) there are now four separate, independent programs to better meet the needs of adult residents of San Francisco who would have otherwise qualified for General Assistance only. These four programs are PAES (Personal Assisted Employment Services) CALM (Cash Assistance Linked to Medi-Cal), SSIP (Supplemental Security Income Pending) and GA (General Assistance).

Personal Assisted Employment Services (PAES)[]


Provides a cash stipend to employable adults along with the education, training and supportive services necessary to gain lasting employment. Participants, unless exempt because of a verifiable, temporarily disabling condition or because of age, develop and follow an Employment Plan leading to work and self-sufficiency. Services include: psychological and vocational assessment, substance abuse and mental health counseling, expenses for work-related clothing, tools and supplies, transportation assistance to and from work activities as determined by case manager. Employment services are limited to 27 months, with a possible six month extension if this is likely to lead to employment. Apply at the address listed above.

Cash Assistance Linked to Medi-Cal (CALM)[]


CALM provides financial assistance for individuals who receive Medi-Cal benefits due to age (65 or older). Also available to persons on Medi-Cal due to disability who do not qualify for Supplementary Income (SSI) because of immigration status. These individuals may choose to participate in PAES to receive the services provided by that employment program. Non-citizens must apply for the Cash Assistance Program for Immigrants (CAPI). Medi-Cal benefits and cash assistance are provided through a single process. For applications or more information, Call the number above.


SSIP is for individuals with a disability that either has lasted or is likely to last 12 or more consecutive months. Assistance with an application to SSI is provided. Cash aid and MUNI tokens to medical appointments are provided.

General Assistance (GA)[]


The safety net for indigent adults. A cash grant is provided. In exchange, able-bodied recipients are expected to perform Workfare, which is community service or job search. If participating in Workfare, recipients may also receive MUNI fast pass or tokens. Apply at the address above.

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