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Homelessness in San Francisco came under increased media attention in mid-2007, especially through an ongoing series in The Chronicle. This page will provide links and summaries of those stories, as well as other sources, in order to give users an overview and ready access. This page is meant as a resource. Please do not use summaries as a place to voice opinions or make judgments. Please feel free to add links to stories that deal specifically with SF Homelessness published since Summer 2007. Thank you.

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12/21/10 - SF Bay Guardian - Jennifer Friedenbach "Opinion: Homelessness: Newsom's real legacy"
Summary: Newsom claims to have housed a lot of homeless people, but has also helped three anti-homeless laws get enacted via negative perception of the homeless.

12/19/10 - SF Chronicle - Mission Local, In the Mission Blog "VIDEO: What Do You Do While the Shelter is Closed?"
Summary: Short video of three men describing their activity during the day when the shelter closes.

12/18/10 - SF Chronicle - Kevin Fagan "Volunteers knitting thousands of scarves for needy"
Summary: St Anthony's has a knitting program to create scarfs to help the homeless and needy.

12/17/10 - SF Chronicle - City Insider: John Cote "Gavin Newsom wants to close city parks late night"
Summary: Mayor Newsom has introduced legislation to close Golden Gate Park at night.

12/17/10 - SF Chronicle - City Brights, Doc Gurley "Restaurant review: Forget Iron Chef. Try Titanium Chef - behind the scenes at St. Anthony's"
Summary: Behind the scenes at St Anthony's dining room.

12/8/10 - SF Bay Guardian - Tim Redmond "Newsom's homeless policy failure"
Summary: Panhandling is not a social crime, it's an effort to make money when there are no jobs, and now one less place to sell recycling now that Newsom has evicted the Haight Ashbury Neighborhood Council recycling center.

12/2/10 - SF Bay Guardian - Tim Redmond "EDITORIAL: Save the HANC recycling center"
Summary: Reasons are given why the Haight Ashbury Neighborhood Council shouldn't be closed and has been maligned by some.

12/2/10 - Bay Citizen - Scott James "Homeless, mentally ill and, soon, short a lifeline"

Summary: Caduceus Outreach Services, which provides services to about 100 homeless clients with mental health needs, is slated for closure on Jan. 1 because of a lack of funding.

11/29/10 - Bay Citizen - Carol Harvey "'Housing harvest' occupation"

Summary: More coverage of the housing rally and attempted occupation of a Mission District hotel on Black Friday. Carol Harvey reports on the site's Citizen Blog.

11/28/10 - San Francisco Examiner - Erin Sherbert "Seeking leeway in Jessica's Law"

Summary: San Francisco officials lobby the state to loosen restrictions on convicted sex offenders, hoping to move them off the streets and into housing where they could be monitored more closely.

11/27/10 - San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center - Michael Steinberg "SF squat bust doesn't stop housing liberation action"

Summary: A police raid on a San Francisco squat this morning that left the building vacant once more didn't stop housing activists from marching in the streets of the Mission District. The action was to protest the banning of the city's homeless people from occupying its 36,000 vacant housing units.

11/24/10 - Bay Area News Group - Cecily Burt "Oakland soon will issue municipal ID cards"

Summary: Oakland will join San francisco and three other cities in issuing city ID cards to its residents who might otherwise have trouble getting identification. Oakland's municipal ID will also have an ATM debit feature.

11/24/10 -San Francisco Bay Guardian - Rebecca Bowe "Green vs. 'green'"

Summary: The city Recreation and Parks Department is considering evicting the Haight-Ashbury Neighborhood Council Recycling Center in the Upper Haight Neighborhood. Homeless and low-icome recycle cans and bottles at the center. The HANC wonders if the possible closure is political payback for their opposition to the recently passed sit-lie ordinance.

11/18/10 - USA Today - Marisa Kendall "More cities offer homeless free storage to ease mobility"

Summary: San Francisco is one of a growing number of cities that offer homeless people a free place to store their belongings while they go to appointments and interviews. Note: In San Francisco, storage is available at 350 Jones St., near Ellis. Call (415) 921-1978 for more information.

11/11/10 - NPR - No place to call home for many female veterans

Summary: The Department of Veterans Affairs reports the female homeless veteran population almost doubled over the last decade. Many, like Iraq War vet Cherish Cornish, are under 35, and face challenges seeking housing and medical treatment.

11/4/10 - New York Times Scott James "San Francisco newspaper's coverage of sit/lie measure questioned"

Summary: Opponents of a recently passed sit/lie measure say their message was drowned as The San Francisco Chronicle skewed its coverage in favor of the proposal.They point to a columnist C.W. Nevius, who dedicated over 20 stories and two blog posts in the paper and its website this year as example of the publication moving readers to support the measure.

11/1/10 - PR Web - "A new place to call home for chronically homeless, single veterans"

Summary: Swords to Plowshares and the Chinatown Community Development Center announce the opening of a supportive housing facility for homeless veterans in San Francisco. Veterans Commons is at 150 Otis St.

10/26/10 - KAWL News - Max Jacobs "SF's Sit/Lie law: civil sidewalks or disguised discrimination?"
Summary: Reporter visits the Haight to interview targeted youth, and business owners, to see if Prop L is too much law for what is alleged. Coalition On Homelessness also offers their opinion on how Prop L discriminates against undesirable people in any neighborhood.

10/25/10 - SFGate City Insider - Heather Knight "Rogue sit/lie ads going up - and coming down - from Muni bus stops"
Summary: An apparently anti-Prop L group is posting posters on Muni bus stops.

10/22/10 - Huffington Post - Paul Boden "The Quality of Whose Life? Part 2"
Summary: A detailed examination of how legislation is used against the poor, and the faulty reasoning of people who think poverty and poor people can be legislated away.

10/22/10 - SF Chronicle - C.W. Nevius "Pro bono work goes awry over homeless citations"
Summary: CWN argues that large prestigious law firms shouldn't be representing homeless clients when the citation involves various petty street crimes, thereby wasting court resources with their formidable legal powers.

10/19/10 - SF Bay Guardian - Caitlin Donohue "How they're sitting"
Summary: Feature story on the vilified youth in the Haight and Prop L.

10/19/10 - AOLNews - Carol Smith "Generation Homeless: The New Faces of an Old Problem"
Summary: Homeless youth in San Francisco and other Western US cities are increasing due to a variety of factors, and few resources exist to help them.

10/19/10 - San Francisco Chronicle - Heather Knight "Sit/lie proposition polarizes San Francisco"
Summary: Update on Prop L, Mayor Newsom's Sit/Lie ballot measure.

10/18/10 - SFSU Golden Gate Express - Tenzin Shakya "AB 12 extends foster care to young adults"
Summary: "Foster children will now have the choice to remain in foster homes till age 21 or move out at 18 with federal assistance."

10/18/10 - - Mickey Z "Meet Keith McHenry, Founder of Food Not Bombs (Interview)"
Summary: Interview with Foods Not Bombs founder.

10/16/10 - New American Media - Nina Martin "New "Distress Index" Shows SF's Economic Pain Is Getting Worse"
Summary: Data shows "the Great Recession started to be felt in San Francisco in mid-2006, a full 18 months before what economists say was its official beginning, in December 2007. The pain has increased dramatically since June 2008, with few signs of abating."

10/15/10 - San Francisco Independent Media Center - Mary "Gay Shame "Department of Mental Security""
Summary: New Leaf LGBTQ counseling center shuts its doors.

10/14/10 - San Francisco Bayview - Carol Harvey "World Homeless Day: San Francisco’s Leslie Hotel takeover"
Summary: Comprehensive story with photos and video.

10/14/10 - San Francisco Chronicle - C.W. Nevius "New effort to help S.F.'s chronically homeless"
Summary: Dealing with homeless that attack!

10/13/10 - San Francisco Independent Media Center - acefala "More Photos from the Hotel Leslie Liberation"
Summary: "The perfectly inhabitable, quite nice and spacious Hotel Leslie at Larkin & Eddy sat unoccupied for two years, until it was creatively liberated by a group of people -- including families -- who decided to fill it with life again for a brief time." Photos.

10/12/10 - - R. Jan Gurley "The link between mental health, incarceration and homelessness"
Summary: Video interview with Panya Weisheit of the San Francisco Mental Health Court.

10/12/10 (Autumn 2010 Issue) - City Journal - Heater MacDonald "The Sidewalks of San Francisco"
Summary: Manhattan Institute fellow claims "the Homelessness Industry" has rebranded aggressive vagrants into sympathetic downtrodden and that Proposition L should pass to teach it a lesson.

10/12/10 - - Carol Harvey "World Homeless Day - SF Homeless Activists Take Over Leslie Hotel"
Summary: Occupying the Leslie Hotel on World Homeless Day.

10/11/10 - San Francisco Chronicle - AP "Protesters who invaded vacant hotel flee police"
Summary: Protesters who invaded vacant hotel evade police.

10/11/10 - San Francisco Independent Media Center - Bill Carpenter "Hotel Leslie Occupied by Homeless!"
Summary: Two-minute QT movie of occupation of Leslie Hotel.

10/11/10 - - Leslie Brinkley "Homeless group takes over Leslie Hotel in SF"
Summary: "Police are standing guard outside a vacant San Francisco hotel where a group of homeless advocates have taken over." Video.

10/11/10 - San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center - D. Boyer "World Homeless Day/Empty Building Occupation"
Summary: "World Homeless Day culminates into building take-over in Tenderloin neighborhood in San Francisco." Photos.

10/11/10 - San Francisco Examiner - Mike Aldax "Protesters take over empty Tenderloin building"
Summary: "Protesters took over a vacant Tenderloin building Sunday and cops said they planned to boot them out mid-Monday morning."

10/10/10 - Steve Rhodes "Creative housing liberation of the Leslie Hotel - San Francisco"
Summary: "Declaring World Homeless Day, activists marched to the Leslie Hotel and occupied the 7 story 68 unit building they said had been vacant for two years." Photos.

10/10/10 - San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center - Michael Steinberg "Takeover Of Empty Tenderloin Hotel In San Francisco"
Summary: Fuller story: "On Sunday activists took over a vacant San Francisco residential hotel in the city’s Tenderloin District. The occupation coincided with the first World Homeless Day."

10/10/10 - San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center - Citi Zen "ALERT- The Leslie Hotel Is Now Occupied By Homeless"
Summary: Media Release states 100 persons take direct action on World Homeless Day by taking over previously vacant hotel in San Francisco.

10/09/10 - Baltimore Chronicle - Stephen Lendman "America's War on Food Not Bombs"
Summary: How the government has been harassing Food Not Bombs which feeds the homeless.

10/08/10 - PR Newswire - Office of the Speaker of the House "Pelosi Statement on $91.5 million in Funding for Community Health Centers in California"
Summary: As part of the Affordable Care Act, more than $11 million will go to South of Market Health Center, Mission Neighborhood Health Centers, Community Access HCCN, North East Medical Services and the San Francisco Community Clinic Consortium.

10/08/10 - San Francisco Examiner - Brent Begin "New courts aim to curb repeat criminal offenders"
Summary: Plans to use $2 million in stimulus funds to help keep parolees off the streets and from returning to prison.

10/07/10 - San Francisco Examiner - Steve Falk "This election will have profound impact on our city"
Summary: Opinion at Examiner endorses Prop L.

10/07/10 - San Francisco Chronicle - Heather Knight "Barbara Garcia to take reins of the S.F. Health Department"
Summary: Barbara Garcia will replace Mich Katz who is going to Los Angeles.

10/06/10 - San Francisco Bay Guardian - Marke B. "Rally for queer youth on Friday"
Summary: Friday, October 8, there will be a Rally and March to Focus on LGBT Youth Suicide and Homelessness at Civic Center Plaza at 6:30pm.

10/06/10 - Hard News - Amit Sengupta "Dark side of the Moon"
Summary: Essay explores stark realities in America today with vignettes of San Francisco homelessness.

10/06/10 - PRWeb- Timothy Fitzgerald "In Commemoration of World Homeless Day, Author Timothy Fitzgerald Urges the Newly Homeless to Blog about Their Experiences"
Summary: Prolific author and former community college instructor who experienced homelessness wants the homeless to speak out.

10/06/10 - (Published by Manhattan Institute)- Ted Frank ""San Franciscans Try to Take Back Their Streets""
Summary: Author points out that the Prop L initiative [if passed] will likely be tied up in the courts for years.

10/05/10 - - Sarah Kessler "5 YouTube Projects That Are Making a Difference"
Summary: Invisible People channel at YouTube seeks is highlighted as a YouTube project that is helping the homeless.

10/05/10 - LA Times - Alejandro Lazo "Tracking the market and economic trends that shape your finances"
Summary: California’s Democratic congressional delegation tries to catch up with other states looking into delays and possible irregularities in the loan modification and foreclosure process which is making some homeless.

10/05/10 - Huffington Post - Paul Boden "The Quality of Whose Life? An Introduction to America's Modern Anti-Poor Movement"
Summary: "Quality of life" laws and ordinances affect people's quality of life disproportionately.

10/05/10 - Bay Citizen - Praveen Madan "What’s Wrong with the Sit/ Lie Campaign’s Story?"
Summary: A business owner in the Haight does the research and changes his opinion from Pro to Against Prop. L "Sit-Lie", and writes a long editorial about his personal journey changing sides.

10/05/10 - Marketwire - Larkin Street Youth Services "Friends of Larkin Street Hosts Inaugural "Expression Through Art" Event"
Summary: Press release: "Young Philanthropist Event Raises Over $12,000 for Homeless and At-Risk Youth."

10/02/10 - San Francisco Examiner - Erin Sherbert "SF nabs $3 million in foster care funding"
Summary: "California Department of Social Services Receives $14.5 million Grant to Improve Foster Care Permanency."

10/02/10 - NewsBlaze LLC "Funding Will Help Identify and Overcome Obstacles for Foster Youth"
Summary: AB 12 releases $37 million statewide to continue paying for foster care kids until they are 21 as long as they are working or going to school. Many now become homeless at age 18.

10/02/10 - Wall Street Journal - Heather MacDonald "San Franciscans Try to Take Back Their Streets"
Summary: Manhattan Institute Fellow on dealing with "Haight Street gutter punks". Article accessible by subscription only. Try this alternative link.

10/01/10 - Psychology Today - Paul Linde, M.D. "Are We Headed for a Mad Max Society?"
Summary: San Francisco-based author and clinical professor of psychiatry at the UCSF School of Medicine describes cutbacks in psychiatric services in San Francisco, and revolving door treatment which contributes to homelessness and the deterioration of society.

9/30/10 - San Francisco Bay Guardian - Steven T. Jones "Nevius pushes for another crackdown, but it's not an agenda"
Summary: Author questions Chronicle writer C.W. Nevius's logic and promotion of measures that target persons living on the margin of society.

9/30/10 - San Francisco Chronicle - C.W. Nevius "S.F. working on new plan for sidewalk scofflaws"
Summary: Description of "a plan in place" to punish those who rack up infraction citations.

9/30/10 - San Francisco Examiner - Mike Aldax and Erin Sherbert "Police want event for homeless out of Golden Gate park"
Summary: Conflict between cops and mayor over Project Homeless Connect at Golden Gate Park.

9/28/10 - San Francisco Bay Guardian - Caitlin Donohue "The test of the Tenderloin"
Summary: "Can a low-income neighborhood become more livable — without gentrification?" (Feature story about the Tenderloin.)

9/28/10 - San Francisco Bay Guardian - Caitlin Donohue "Lending art in the TL"
Summary: Rick Darnell and The Tenderloin Art Lending Library (TALL) will help undiscovered artists and beautify homes, including those of formerly homeless.

9/28/10 - - The Point Park Globe (Pittsburgh, PA) "The Ugly Truth of Paradise"
Summary: Homelessness in Hawaii is the ugly truth (more than 1,600 children on the island of Hawaii). Magin Patrick, who began Christmas Wish Program in the San Francisco Bay Area is trying to help.

9/28/10 - - Paul Hogarth "San Francisco’s “Worst SRO” in Unexpected Location"
Summary: Investigating a deplorable SRO.

9/27/10 - San Francisco Chronicle - Kevin Fagan "Priestly protester is back in town"
Summary: "The Rev. Louie Vitale, the perpetual peace protester from the Bay Area, made his first major appearance in San Francisco on Sunday since being released from prison this summer."

Read more:

9/27/10 - San Francisco Examiner - Hugh Patterson "Homeless problem becomes homeless crisis"
Summary: Commentary argues that "[y]ou cannot use a piece of political duct tape to fix a problem that is enormous in scope."

9/27/10 - Salt Lake Tribune - Rosemary Winters "Gay Mormons to spend one night homeless"
Summary: "Leaders of Affirmation, a support group for gay and lesbian Mormons, plan to draw attention to the plight of gay homeless youths by spending a night on the streets of San Francisco."

9/27/10 - San Francisco Chronicle - Phillip Matier,Andrew Ross "Homeless problem lingers as S.F. spends millions"
Summary: Homelessness in San Francisco remains a stubborn problem.

9/26/10 - San Francisco Examiner - Deb Caterina "Bay Area teenage fashionistas love My New Red Shoes"
Summary: My New Red Shoes "provides new clothes and other services for 5000+ Bay Area homeless kids, tweens and teens."

9/26/10 - San Francisco Examiner - Joshua Sabatini "San Francisco nonprofits under the microscope"
Summary: City Hall is re-examining expenditures on non-profits including those that assist the homeless.

9/26/10 - San Raphael Patch - Robin Collins "Classic Chanteuse a Class Act at Aegis Living"
Summary: Profile of jazz artist Amanda King who had been homeless in San Francisco.

9/26/10 - San Francisco Examiner - Erin Sherbert "Many elderly below SF's hidden poverty line"
Summary: Overview of poverty among old in San Francisco. Statistics provided; e.g. 12% of homeless in shelters are seniors.

9/23/10 - Bay Area Reporter - Cynthia Laird "Homeless choir debuts"
Summary: A "Freedom Dreams" concert will include debut performance of the Singers of the Street (SOS) Friday, September 24 at 8 p.m. at Ebenezer/herchurch Lutheran, 678 Portola Drive in San Francisco.

9/23/10 - - Amanda Pazornik "A booth with a view: Oakland architects build sukkah using signs from the homeless"
Summary: As part of an effort to revitalize a Jewish tradition, architects create a shelter from cardboard signs used by the homeless.

9/22/10 - SF Weekly - Lauren Smiley "Terminal People"
Summary: "The closure of the Transbay Terminal was a chance to help some of the city’s most hardcore homeless. But many didn’t want help, and others couldn’t be helped."

9/22/10 - PR Newswire "Raphael House and Its Families Benefit From Bank of America-Merrill Annual Conference in San Francisco"
Summary: San Francisco's first homeless shelter for families gets $5,000 and meals from Bank of America to "meet the rising demand for food assistance and hunger relief."

9/22/10 - San Francisco Chronicle - John Coté "S.F. Mayor Newsom vetoes fee on alcohol"
Summary: Mayor Newsom vetoed a "plan to charge alcohol wholesalers a fee to help cover the city's costs to care for chronic drunks."

9/21/10 - - Carolyn Tyler "Proposed SF homeless housing plan causes stir"
Summary: San Francisco officials are considering permanent housing for chronic homeless alcoholics to save costs. Video.

9/20/10 - San Francisco Bay Guardian - Rebecca Bowe "Spoof “Civil Sidewalks” site takes a swipe at Prop L"
Summary: Opponents of Proposition L (Sit/Lie) have spoofed its proponents' website.

9/19/10 - San Francisco Chronicle Heather Knight "Coalition forms protest against sit-lie law"
Summary: Opponents of San Francisco Mayor Newsom's Sit/Lie ballot measure are planning to "set up dozens of lemonade stands around the city [Saturday, September 25] to show [how] one more innocent activity that could technically be banned by the sit/lie law."

9/19/10 - Napa Valley Register Lily Casura "Combat trauma afflicts women, men alike"
Summary: Toll of war on combat veterans. Among anecdotes describing MST or Military Sexual Trauma: a woman reports being raped at a "cutting-edge" program's homeless shelter for women vets.

9/18/10 - The Bay Citizen - Shoshana Walter "In Tough Times, Grandpa Pushes Pills"
Summary: People without money are selling their prescription drugs, and many California pharmacies cannot keep track.

9/17/10 - KALW - Your Call Radio "Friday Media Roundtable"
Summary: Media representatives discuss Census data that reveals extent of poverty in the U.S. mentioned on the program. Archived mp3 to be made available.

9/17/10 - France 24 - AFP "Number of poor in US jumps to record 43.7 million"
Summary: Released Census data shows that "[o]ne in seven people lived below the poverty line in 2009 in the world's richest nation, or on less than 22,000 dollars a year for a family of four." Photos of homeless and St. Anthony Foundation services in San Francisco.

9/16/10 - Psychology Today - Paul Linde, M.D. "San Francisco's Homeless Mentally Ill: Still Neglected"
Summary: San Francisco-based author and clinical professor of psychiatry at the UCSF School of Medicine citing deplorable mental illness of many homeless makes a plea for implementing Laura's Law in San Francisco.

9/16/10 - San Francisco Chronicle - Heather Knight "S.F. has cut homeless by 12,000, Newsom says"
Summary: "A stroll through the Civic Center or the Tenderloin or, well, any number of neighborhoods in San Francisco may tell a different story, but Mayor Gavin Newsom Wednesday said his administration has moved 12,000 homeless people off the streets since he took office in 2004."

9/16/10 - - Michael V. Gause "Mental Health Clients Speak Out Against Laura’s Law"
Summary: The illogic of equating violence with the mentally ill and ignoring the opinions of the mentally ill are two reasons given for being opposed to implementing Laura's Law in San Francisco.

9/14/10 - - Bay City News "San Francisco Lawmakers Pass Alcohol Services Fee"
Summary: San Francisco Mayor Newsom is threatening to veto a bill passed amid heated contention by the Board of Supervisors which will tax alcoholic drinks. Sponsoring supervisors hope the tax will defray city costs incurred by chronic inebriates, some homeless. Video.

9/14/10 - Rincon Hill Neighborhood Association - jamie "Heart of SoMa – Some background on this special event"
Summary: VIP event to benefit the Hamilton Family Center was inspiration of a man who was homeless in the Tenderloin for 27 years.

9/14/10 - SYS-CON Media - Marketwire "SF Weekly Hosts the Third Annual DISH Event at Metreon's City View"
Summary: More than 30 San Francisco restaurants and more than ten wineries will participate in an event to benefit homeless children.

9/13/10 - USA Today - Whitney Matheson "Tonight on TV: MTV's doc series 'World of Jenks'"
Summary: A homeless girl in San Francisco will be one of the subjects on a television program this evening.

9/12/10 - SF Examiner - Editorial "The city housing authority that couldn’t"
Summary: HUD investigation reveals serious problems at SF Housing Authority, which recent sent inappropriate eviction letters to public housing tenants.

9/9/10 - SF Examiner - Melissa Griffin "Things to keep in mind about sit-lie"
Summary: Columnist reviews history of Sit-Lie Prop. L and some of the political insights, such as Prop. M possibly trumping it.

9/7/10 - SF Chronicle - John Cote "City Insider: Housing Authority collections setback"
Summary: SF Housing Authority sent eviction letters to public housing tenants for back rent, but claim glitch prevented a kinder policy from being implemented sooner.

9/6/10 - - Eric Thomas "Advocates say McDonalds targeting homeless"
Summary: Items from the old dollar menu now cost about $1.50 at the McDonalds on the corner of Haight and Stanyan Street. The "almost steady stream of homeless people who often order the cheapest items available on the menu now say the approximately half dollar difference in prices sometimes means the difference between eating and not eating."

9/4/10 - Poor Magazine - Ken Moshesh and Jennifer Harris "Outside is safer than inside an SRO"
Summary: A perspective about the relative tribulations of living in SROs and being homeless.

9/3/10 - Anaheim Examiner - Shana Smith "First step in financial victory for California's domestic violence victims"
Summary: The California Senate "approved a measure allowing counties to increase the portion of license fees dedicated to paying for domestic violence shelters.... Sen. Leland Yee (D-San Francisco) said his measure, which will raise up to $5 million in extra money each year, is critical at a time when four more domestic violence shelters have closed this year. 'Women are out in the streets with their children,' Yee said. It is estimated that 63% of homeless women have been victims of partner violence."

9/2/10 - New York Times - Scott James "Santa Cruz Reduces Street Crime, but Its Model Is Not Cheap"
Summary: With San Francisco considering Sit/Lie ordinances, what can it learn from Santa Cruz?

9/2/10 - - Peter Wong "From the Festival Circuit -- Interview with “Lost in the Crowd” Director Susi Graf"
Summary: Interview with the director of “Lost in the Crowd” which recently premiered at this year’s S.F. International LGBT Film Festival. The movie is a documentary about homeless youth in New York City.

9/2/10 - San Francisco Examiner - Mike Aldax "Crackdown on midnight mayhem"
Summary: After a spate of crimes including the murder of a homeless man at Golden Gate Park, officials are considering closing parks overnight and jailing chronic trespassers-- including homeless campers.

Read more at the San Francisco Examiner:

9/2/10 - San Francisco Chronicle - Sophie Brickman "CHEFS teaches culinary skills to the homeless"
Summary: Vocational education for the homeless: story investigates the Episcopal Community Services' Conquering Homelessness through Employment in Food Service program.

9/2/10 - San Francisco Chronicle - C.W. Nevius "HANC Recycling Center an idea whose time has gone"
Summary: Nevius opines that Recycling Center that helps the homeless "is noisy, dated and nearly irrelevant."

9/1/10 - Central City Extra - Editor "Street Science"
Summary: "Putting the lie to Sit/Lie." September 2010 PDF Download. Page 2.

9/1/10 - Central City Extra - Tom Carter "TL's only free shower"
Summary: "The homeless treasure the chance to get clean in the Tenderloin." September 2010 PDF Download. Pages 1, 4.

9/1/10 - New York Daily News - Richard Huff "Andrew Jenks plans to tell real stories with new MTV show 'World of Jenks'"
Summary: New reality program on MTV will feature 24 hours of life of a homeless woman from San Francisco.

8/31/10 - The Western Edition - Lindsay Adams "Haight Ashbury Food Program gives homeless, poor a hand up"
Summary: Portrait of the non-profit Haight Ashbury Food Program that feeds homeless in the Haight Ashbury neighborhood.

8/31/10 - San Francisco Bay Guardian - Rebecca Bowe "Civil disagreements: Haight Street merchants are by no means united in support of sit-lie"
Summary: Merchants on Haight Street voice opinions on Proposition L (Mayor Gavin Newsom's Sit/Lie Ordinance proposal).

8/31/10 - - Carolyn Tyler "Organization that helps homeless victim of fraud"
Summary: An alert that scam artists have hired solicitors who claim to be seeking donations for the Coalition on Homelessness. Video included.

8/31/10 - Illume - Ali Khan "Distributing Meals to the Homeless"
Summary: "Two years ago in the middle of Ramadan, the Muslim holy month of fasting, Fizza Ahmed became concerned about the needs of the homeless population in San Francisco. Fasting is supposed to teach empathy, and with so many people in need, Ramadan presented a great opportunity to put that empathy into practice....Nearly two dozen events later, more than 100 different volunteers have participated in Project FEED and over 9,000 meals have been distributed." Photo essay.

8/31/10 - SF Appeal - Katie Baker "Ask the Appeal: How Does "Street Sheet" Work?"
Summary: San Francisco news website answers a reader's questions about The Street Sheet.

8/30/10 - San Francisco Chronicle - Bob Egelko "Fatal beating investigated in Golden Gate Park"
Summary: 53-year-old homeless man identified as Michael Ponder was beaten to death Saturday near Kezar Stadium in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park.

8/29/10 - UK Guardian - Jamie Doward "Super-strength alcohol 'is killing more homeless people than crack or heroin'"
Summary: A warning from Britain about ciders with high alcoholic content that have ravaged homeless there.

8/27/10 - SF Appeal - Bay City News "Gender, Racial Bias Charges Levied Against SF Nonprofit"
Summary: The United Council of Human Services which helps homeless in Bayview-Hunters Point was sued for allegedly discriminating against one of its employees. 8/26/10 - San Francisco Examiner - John Upton "Low-income units planned in growing Mission Bay"
Summary: Housing on Fourth Street is planned for 150 formerly homeless families.

8/25/10 - San Mateo Daily Journal - Bill Silverfarb "Crisis training scaled back"
Summary: San Mateo County Police lack resources for crisis-intervention training which could improve their ability to avoid tragedy when dealing with the mentally ill or homeless. Comprehensive article includes history of CIT and police strategies for dealing with transients.

8/25/10 - San Francisco Examiner - Larry Kane "SF Main Library is safer and cleaner than ever"
Summary: San Francisco Library Commissioner contends that an Aug. 20 Examiner story about crime, homeless at San Francisco's main public library encourages misconceptions.

8/25/10 - The Hindu - Navin Chawla "Mother Teresa: a remembrance"
Summary: A recollection of Mother Teresa, who assisted homeless worldwide, who would be 100 on August 26.

8/25/10 - - Randy Shaw "Ramesh Patel, Community Leader Who Helped Redirect S.F. Homeless Policy, Dies at 57"
Summary: Director of the Tenderloin Housing Clinic recalls the contributions of a man who helped unite the Indian-American hotel community, advocates for the the homeless, and public officials into better addressing the needs of the homeless in San Francisco.

8/25/10 - Catholic San Francisco - Rick DelVecchio "Iraqi refugee family, suffering wartime loss, struggles to put roots down in San Francisco"
Summary: An appeal to the public to help an Iraqi refugee family that is homeless in the Bay Area.

8/24/10 - San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center - Bill Carpenter ""NO on PROP. L" Sit/Lie Rally: FRIAR LOUIE VITALE"
Summary: Video of Fr. Louie's opposition to Sit/Lie (Fr. Louie is back!)

8/23/10 - San Jose Mercury News - The Associated Press "Calif. Senate OKs homeless civil rights protection"
Summary: Attacks on the homeless could violate California's civil rights law under bill AB2706 approved by the state Senate.

8/23/10 - SF Appeal - Angela May Chen "Main Library Still Home To Homeless, Crime"
Summary: "The San Francisco Main library is heightening its security in response to the increase in library crime rates this year....[And] plans to improve surveillance and hire a social work [sic] to deal with homeless or troubled patrons."

8/22/10 - Oklahoman - Hurst Laviana "In Oklahoma and nation, food banks are serving more and more people"
Summary: September is Hunger Action Month. Article describes growing hunger around the country, and includes interview with Paul Ash, the executive director of the San Francisco Food Bank.

8/22/10 - Wichita Eagle - Hurst Laviana "Homeless man in Wichita claims police are cracking down; police say they're focused on other issues"
Summary: Kansas controversy ensues around homeless man en route to San Francisco.

8/21/10 - San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center - Bill Carpenter ""No on Prop. L" Sit/Lie Rally: Celina Sutton and Walt"
Summary: Celina Sutton gives a speech at a press Conference rally of opponents to Proposition L (Sit/Lie) at Harvey Milk Plaza in San Francisco. Video.

8/20/10 - San Francisco Examiner - Joshua Sabatini "Crime issues still vex library"
Summary: Article suggests homeless play important part in more criminal incidents at the San Francisco Public Library.

8/19/10 - San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center - Bill Carpenter ""No on Prop. L" Sit/Lie Rally: Alan Schlosser, ACLU"
Summary: ACLU attorney gives a speech at a press Conference rally of opponents to Proposition L (Sit/Lie) at Harvey Milk Plaza in San Francisco. Video.

8/19/10 - Fog City Journal - Ralph E. Stone "WRAP’s 2010 “Without Housing” Update Has Arrived"
Summary: How a recent report by the Western Regional Advocacy Project (WRAP) "sets forth a timeline of modern-day homelessness, the past three decades of policy failures, provides a look at present-day realities, gives grassroots approaches on how to get involved, and possible solutions."

8/19/10 - - Randy Shaw "An Inside Look at San Francisco’s Homeless"
Summary: Tenderloin Housing Clinic Director Randy Shaw reviews Teresa Gowan's book, Hobos, Hustlers and Backsliders: Homeless in San Francisco.

8/17/10 - San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center - Bill Carpenter ""No on Proposition L" Sit/Lie Rally in Harvey Milk Plaza"
Summary: Supervisor David Campos gives a speech at a press Conference rally of opponents to Proposition L (Sit/Lie) at Harvey Milk Plaza in San Francisco. Video.

8/17/10 - Conducive Magazine - Molly McCluskey "10 Tips for a Happier, More Productive Non-Profit"
Summary: Former San Francisco resident gives useful advice to non-profits: Examples: Balance facts and emotions; don't exploit interns; utilize social media.

8/16/10 - - Dan Noyes "SFPD 'Videogate' case finally wrapping up"
Summary: Follow-up about disciplinary hearings of SFPD officers who made off-color videos (that included making fun of the homeless) while on the job four and a half years ago. Story video included.

8/13/10 - New York Times - Rosali R. Radomsky "Heather Paulson, Samuel Dodge"
Summary: Former director of outreach and organizing at the Tenderloin Housing Clinic in San Francisco marries in Montana.

8/11/10 - Bay Citizen - Zoe Corneli "Pacific Heights Moguls Fund Sit/Lie"
Summary: While some Haight-Ashbury residents and small business owners are the most vocal supporters of Proposition L, the Sit/Lie initiative that will make it illegal to sit or lie on city sidewalks, it is wealthy residents in Pacific Heights who are providing financial support for the initiative.

8/11/10 - - Teresa Garcia "SC Homeless hold sleep protest at City Hall"
Summary: Homeless advocates frustrated by poor shelter bed availability in Santa Cruz protest the city's camping ban. Photos and video. 8/11/10 - SF Appeal - Bay City News "Opponents Of Sit-Lie Measure Rally In Castro"
Summary: A rally was held in opposition to Sit-Lie, with Supervisor Campos and others speaking.

8/10/10 - Center for American Progress - David Wagner "Nowhere to Go"
Summary: Comprehensive issue brief on homelessness of gay and transgender youth in America. Memo, video, and report.

8/8/10 - Danville Patch - D.M. Mills "Helping Those Who Served Our Country"
Summary: Tied to a program of the Veterans Administration to eradicate homelessness among veterans within five years, 400 vets "are spending the weekend in Pleasanton with more than 2,000 volunteers offering support to help them get their lives together back home." Photos included.

8/8/10 - San Francisco Examiner - Mike Aldax "Many veterans in San Francisco back home without a hope"
Summary: Comprehensive article with statistics and vivid anecdotes looks at homeless veterans in San Francisco: "you do not have to go far to see the consequences of war....Simply look out your window, down an alley or under a bridge."

8/7/10 - New York Times - Gary Shih "Race to Succeed Chris Daly Reflects a Transformed District"
Summary: As young professionals move into San Francisco's District 6, the disenfranchised are losing clout with politicians.

8/7/10 - San Francisco Chronicle - C.W. Nevius "Homeless dying on streets, don't want help"
Summary: "The numbers of men bundled up in doorways make it clear outreach isn't always wanted or easy," writes regular Chronicle Homeless commentator Nevius.

8/5/10 - Bay Citizen - Trey Bundy "Haight Street Kids' History Is Key"
Summary: Residential treatment counselor for children asks who are the kids that the proposed Sit/Lie ordinance will target.

8/3/10 - NPR - Rachael Myrow "S.F. Eyes Booze Fee To Meet Costs Of Alcoholism"
Summary: Higher taxes on alcohol in San Francisco are in the offing due to costliness of treating homeless alcoholics, article implies. "San Francisco has a huge homeless population –- and those who drink heavily cost a lot to take care of," says a Public Health Department Sobering Center coordinator.

8/2/10 - San Francisco Chronicle - Rod Libbey "Open Forum: Laura's Law is an expense San Francisco cannot afford"
Summary: Bypassing controversies regarding its effectiveness or ethics, the interim executive director of the Mental Health Association of San Francisco claims there is no money for the implementation of Laura's Law in San Francisco.

8/2/10 - San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center - TJ Johnston for Street Sheet "Next Stop Unknown for Transients at Transbay Terminal"
Summary: "About 100 homeless people who stay at the Transbay Terminal have a week to vacate before it is destroyed. But will they get the care they need if they accept help from the HOT teams, assuming it's available?"

8/2/10 - San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center - Bill Carpenter "Open House at the Hotel Sierra: The Occupation - VI"
Summary: Part Six independent documentation of the July 19th occupation by Stop the Cuts activists of a 42 room hotel in San Francisco so homeless people would have a place to sleep. Video and photos.

8/1/10 - - Kati Nolfi, Cameron Quanbeck,John Rouse "Hobos, Hustlers, and Backsliders: Homeless in San Francisco by Teresa Gowan"
Summary: "Teresa Gowan’s ethnography of homelessness in San Francisco is a lucid and devastating examination of poverty in the United States." Book review.

8/1/10 - San Francisco Chronicle - Stephen Cummings, Cameron Quanbeck,John Rouse "Laura's Law will save mentally ill, S.F. budget"
Summary: The authors advocate implementation of Laura's Law in San Francisco by equating severe mental illness to other chronic diseases except for the way they strip "some victims of the ability to realize they need help". They argue that despite the law's coercive power to force people into treatment programs, the law "is not a draconian measure that robs people of their civil liberties."

7/31/10 - San Francisco Chronicle - John Coté "Mayor urges homeless to leave Transbay Terminal"
Summary: In a last ditch effort to clear the Transbay Terminal for demolition, San Francisco Mayor Newsom tries to convince stubborn homeless campers to leave by promising them homes. "I work for you," he tells them.

7/28/10 - San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center - Bill Carpenter "Open House at the Hotel Sierra: "Shelter" by Dee Allen - V"
Summary: Part Five independent documentation of the July 19th occupation by Stop the Cuts activists of a 42 room hotel in San Francisco so homeless people would have a place to sleep. "Dee Allen reads his poem, "Shelter," which he dedicates to the late English housing activist Colin Ward." Video and photos.

7/27/10 - South Florida Gay News - SFGN Staff "Group 'Tags' Homeless Teens - Seeks Community Support"
Summary: Former San Francisco health care professional, Patrick Stephens, and Chad Faulkner are launching an initiative fostering the welfare and well-being of homeless, disenfranchised, gay youth in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Statistics provided. 7/25/10 - San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center - Bill Carpenter "Open House at the Hotel Sierra - IV"
Summary: Part Four independent documentation of the July 19th occupation by Stop the Cuts activists of a 42 room hotel in San Francisco so homeless people would have a place to sleep. Video and photos.

7/24/10 - San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center - Bill Carpenter "Open House at the Hotel Sierra - III"
Summary: Part Three independent documentation of the July 19th occupation by Stop the Cuts activists of a 42 room hotel in San Francisco so homeless people would have a place to sleep. Video and photos.

7/22/10 - San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center - Bill Carpenter "Open House at the Hotel Sierra - II"
Summary: Part Two independent documentation of the July 19th occupation by Stop the Cuts activists of a 42 room hotel in San Francisco so homeless people would have a place to sleep. Video and photos.

7/22/10 - San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center - Bill Carpenter "Open House at the Hotel Sierra"
Summary: Part One independent documentation of the July 19th occupation by Stop the Cuts activists of a 42 room hotel in San Francisco so homeless people would have a place to sleep. Video and photos.

7/22/10 - San Francisco Bay Times - Dennis McMillan "Sisters Distribute Pink Saturday Funds to Worthy Charities"
Summary: "Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Inc., a benefit fundraising corporation of queer nun volunteers celebrating 31 years of service, held a grants distribution party at the Eagle tavern on July 18 during a beer/ soda bust.... Project Homeless Connect – the Growing Home Community Gardening Project - [received some of the grants which will] help pay for a bicycle-powered blender to prepare healthy organic, local teas and smoothies for its clients."

7/21/10 - Orange County Register - Yvette Cabrera "She could never quit the 'motel children'"
Summary: Alexandra Pelosi, the daughter of House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi, (D.-San Francisco), will have her documentary "Homeless: The Motel Kids of Orange County" shown on HBO July 26.

7/21/10 - San Francisco Examiner - Joshua Sabatini "Late-night budget deal restores millions in spending"
Summary: City supervisors approve plan that will shrink jobs and $100 million. $260,000 for the Mayor's proposal to operate a “round-the-clock” Project Homeless Connect was approved as part of the new budget.

7/21/10 - San Francisco Chronicle - John King "Protesters ousted from apartments in Mission"
Summary: Members of Direct Action to Stop the Cuts protest budget cuts targeting the poor and homeless by occupying an apartment building floor in the Mission district. "Every time there's an unjust budget cutback, Direct Action will pop up," said one of the group's members.

7/20/10 - San Francisco Examiner - Brent Begin "The hidden payoff from keeping convicts in line"
Summary: The San Francisco Adult Probation Department handles 7,273 cases with 36 officers. New financial incentives have been devised to keep ex-offenders from going back to prison. Chart with statistics included.

7/20/10 - San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center - hanna Quevedo- from "Police Arrest Activists Who Occupied Vacant Housing"
Summary: Video of police arresting activists that took over a building in the Mission District.

7/20/10 - Mission Local - Lydia Chávez "Supes Consider Laura’s Law Today"
Summary: San Francisco Board of Supervisors will consider implementing Laura's Law, the coerced treatment of persons deemed dangerously mentally ill, today at City Hall.

7/20/10 - San Francisco Chronicle - Rachel Gordon "Budget fear for S.F. trauma survivors' lifeline"
Summary: The San Francisco Trauma Recovery Center, affiliated with San Francisco General and UC San Francisco, struggles to survive. City Hall will determine today if its budget will be slashed by $100,000.

7/19/10 - San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center - hanna Quevedo- from "creative Housing Liberation - Rally, March & Multiple Building Takeover"
Summary: Direct Action plan for "Creative Housing Liberation; Rally, March & Multiple Building Takeover."

7/19/10 - San Francisco Chronicle - Kevin Fagan "Longtime denizens resist call to leave terminal"
Summary: Removing homeless from the Transbay Terminal, set to be demolished, is a daunting task.

7/19/10 - San Francisco Chronicle - Chronicle Editorials "Pass 'Laura's Law' in San Francisco"
Summary: Editors advocate Laura's Law that will coerce persons deemed mentally ill to treatment. The editors point out that money can be tapped "from Proposition 63, the surtax on seven-figure incomes approved by voters in 2004 to expand mental health treatment in the state."

7/19/10 - San Francisco Chronicle - Elizabeth Hanly,Michael C. Biasotti "Laura's Law - an opportunity to improve life in San Francisco"
Summary: In an Open Forum, a doctor and chief of police make a plea for San Francisco to implement Laura's Law that will coerce people deemed mentally ill to undertake treatment. They speak of a "loved one", otherwise unidentified, in an anecdote as to how the law will be successful.

7/16/10 - San Francisco Chronicle - John Coté "With public housing rent owed, evictions feared"
Summary: After years of poor record keeping, the San Francisco Housing Authority is having problems trying to collect unpaid rents.

7/16/10 - San Francisco Examiner - Erin Sherbert "Deal is closer on Homeless Connect"
Summary: City supervisor John Avalos believes $260,000 will be restored to expand the mayor's Homeless Connect program into a permanent one-stop shop for homeless services.

7/15/10 - Fog City Journal - Chris Daly "A True Progressive Partnership"
Summary: City supervisor recalls his tenure and grass-roots organizing efforts on behalf of the poor.

7/15/10 - - Tommi Avicolli-Mecca "Court Says: 'Let the Poor Starve'"
Summary: It is shameful when cities outlaw giving food to the hungry.

7/14/10 - San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center - Marlon Crump "A Poor People-Led Revolution: The POOR Magazine Story"
Summary: Revolutionary media created by poor people to enrich the lives of poor people is in danger of ceasing to exist for lack of funding.

7/12/10 - SF Public Press - T.J. Johnston "Reforms aim at saving shelter beds"
Summary: Comprehensive article explains new legislation enacted to help make it easier and safer for homeless people to get into and stay at shelters in San Francisco.

7/11/10 - San Francisco Chronicle - Kevin Fagan "Feds focus on families in new homeless plan"
Summary: Obama administration's plan to end homelessness and how it differs from the previous administration. San Francisco Director of Homeless Policy Dariush Kayhan, who helped advise it, is quoted.

7/9/10 - SF Weekly - Lauren Smiley "Chelsea's Law Threatens To Force San Francisco Sex Offenders Into Homelessness For Life"
Summary: The continuing plight of paroled sex offenders and the community that dooms them to the streets.

7/9/10 - Counterpunch - Soha Al-Jurf "The Boundaries of Delusion"
Summary: Observing how basic necessities are kept out of reach of the most desperate poor in San Francisco, the author contemplates how at home and abroad Americans twist narratives to make the guilty seem innocent.

7/8/10 - - David Moye " Superheroes Need Super Support Groups"
Summary: Terrestrial "Superheroes" in San Francisco and other cities are doing good works like helping the homeless by passing out toiletries.

7/8/10 - Q Salt Lake - Troy Williams "Smash the Church, Smash the State Part 2"
Summary: San Franciscan queer activist Tommi Avicolli Mecca discusses poverty and homelessness in the LGBT population, and the decline of radicalism and the corporate takeover of gay politics. Part one Podcast

7/7/10 - Bay Citizen - Alexa Vaughn "Ex-Felons Get Second Chance at Jobs: Bay Area counties erase felony conviction box on many job applications"
Summary: Reducing recidivism, poverty, and homelessness among reformed felons by reducing institutional prejudice.

7/7/10 - - Randy Shaw "Adachi Pension Measure Could Reshape National Politics"
Summary: Story suggests San Francisco Public Defender's ballot measure to reform bloated city pensions that hurt non-profit beneficiaries is ill-timed and will spark glee among conservatives who want to attack public service employee pensions nationwide.

7/6/10 - Indianopolis WISHTV 8 - Karen Hensel "Panhandling parents found across US"
Summary: Indianapolis television news station reports on incidents of parents panhandling with their children. San Francisco incident included. Video.

7/6/10 - Huffington Post - Craig Newmark "The Tenderloin Technology Lab"
Summary: Founder of Craigslist is personally helping to improve the Tenderloin Technology Lab locted at the St. Anthony Foundation at 150 Golden Gate.

7/4/10 - San Francisco Chronicle - Robert Selna "Soroptimist Convention Focuses on Sex Trafficking of Women and Girls"
Summary: Two San Francisco shelters, SafeHouse and Sage, will benefit by donatioms given at the Soroptimist International convention to be held July 8 at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square. Journalist Victor Malarek will speak about prostitution in an address titled,"“Myths, Lies and Propaganda."

7/3/10 - Minneapolis - Peter S. Goodman (NYT) "Scenes from the recession: Hard times, strong spirits"
Summary: Essay provides a snapshot of America in crisis, and Americans keeping faith in their institutions despite evidence that their institutions have been compromised and they have been betrayed.

7/3/10 - San Francisco Chronicle - Robert Selna "Demand for low-income units illustrates trend"
Summary: Housing of low-income elderly in San Francisco is profiled by description of new model projects spearheaded by nonprofit Mercy Housing and local architectural firm.

7/2/10 - SF Public Press - Jerold Chinn "Long-planned closure of homeless shelter closes sparks controversy"
Summary: Direct Action to Stop the Cuts protests shelter closure at 150 Otis Street.

7/2/10 - San Francisco Bay Guardian - Rebecca Bowe "COH sends in "hostage negotiators" during budget talks (VIDEO)"
Summary: In a stunt at City Hall, representatives from the Coalition On Homelessness videotaped themselves "negotiating" with the mayor to restore budget funds which would assist the poor and homeless. Video.

7/2/10 - - Paul Hogarth "Supervisors Save Crucial Services and Balance Budget"
Summary: After a "stalemate... over a $4 million gap between what the Supervisors wanted to fund, and what the Mayor was willing to give – chump change in a $6.5 billion budget"-- more than $25 million to social services, including to San Francisco's homeless, was restored to the city budget.