San Francisco Homeless Resource
Shelter Monitoring Committee
Address 1380 Howard St., 2nd floor, 94103
Phone 415-255-3642 (information)
Hours First Wednesday of every month at 10am - 12pm
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Shelter Monitoring Committee

1380 Howard St., 2nd floor, 94103

415-255-3642 (information)

First Wednesday of every month at 10am - 12pm

Shelter Monitoring Committee Web site

The Shelter Monitoring Committee provides the Mayor, the Board of Supervisors, the Local Homeless Coordinating Board, the public, and any other appropriate agency with accurate, comprehensive information about the conditions in and operations of shelters and resource centers. The 13-member body meets monthly to hear concerns and suggestions about City-funded shelters and resource centers and conducts announced and unannounced site visits.

The Shelter Monitoring Committee (SMC) was established to be an independent body that monitors shelter conditions. The SMC seeks to ensure general improvement in the conditions of shelters, and empower residents to have a voice in the process of changing their situation. The SMC consists of members including formerly homeless individuals, advocates, service providers and representatives of city agencies. The SMC performs both unannounced and announced visits to shelters, and documents concerns and comments from residents. The SMC general meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every month from 10am - 12pm. The public is welcome and encouraged to attend to participate in the discussion about the city's shelters. The SMC can be reached by leaving a voicemail at the number above, which accepts collect calls, or you can visit the SMC office at the address above.